CARAT - Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) for Advanced Therapies

an EU-funded collaborative research project involving 8 partners from 4 different European countries (France, Germany, Italy & United Kingdom).

CARAT's goal

is to develop an efficient and safe technology platform for advanced cellular therapies, namely to manufacture CAR T-cell products for personalized treatment of cancer patients.

Recent Success Stories

of CAR-based therapies have raised enormous expectations to cure severely ill patients: CARs were introduced into cells of the immune system, typically T-cells, by genetic engineering.

Initial clinical studies

demonstrated considerable evidence that these artificial recognition molecules allow specific targeting of immune responses towards complete and stable eradication of cancer cells.

Translation into the clinic

of such advanced therapeutic concepts is extremely difficult as the manufacture of CAR-modified T-cells is technologically complex and expensive.

The CARAT technology platform

will thus enable the automated, safe, and cost efficient manufacture of more effective CAR-modified T-cells. Thereby, CARAT will spread the clinical use of CAR T-cell technologies with the ultimate goal of serving patients with so far incurable hematologic malignancies and solid tumours like colon, pancreas or lung cancer – everywhere in Europe.

CARAT Network

The CARAT consortium comprises a multi-national team of leading experts from eight European partnering institutions.

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Recent success stories of cancer therapy with CAR-modified T-cells have raised enormous scientific and public expectations to cure severely ill patients.

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