Related EU Projects

Relation to on-going national & international research, and synergies

All partners are involved in multiple national or international research networks. This is exemplified in table 1 that summarizes important examples of current or former related collaborative EU projects where one or more partner institutions are or were involved. Synergies will be created in particular with: ATECT that is coordinated by Partner 5 (UCL) and will contribute to CAR and T-cell design. Likewise, Partner 1 (Miltenyi) is participating in the EU projects ATTACK and Cell-PID where general feasibility for generating gene-modified cells with the CliniMACS Prodigy could already be demonstrated. In this respect also PROCROP and TheONEstudy are important as these collaborative projects translate related cellular therapy concepts into clinical practice and as such pave the way for CAR therapies. Exchange of information, knowledge and experiences with these and other consortia will promote scientific progress within CARAT and even improve dissemination of project results to interested target groups.


Advanced T-cell Engineered for Cancer Therapy


Adoptive engineered T-cell Trials to Achieve Cancer Killing


Advanced Cell-based Therapies for the treatment of Primary ImmunoDeficiency


Professional cross-priming for ovary and prostate cancer


A Unified Approach to Evaluating Cellular Immunotherapy in Solid Organ Transplantation