CARAT offers fellowships for a training course on CAR T cell manufacturing

The EU project CARAT has taken on the mission to deliver new tools and technologies to enable the wide use of novel personalized cancer treatment options. In 2017, CARAT will grant five scientists with a fellowship that gives them the opportunity to participate in a unique training. This training, which is coordinated by Miltenyi Biotec, has the aim to transfer knowledge on GMP-compliant CAR T cell manufacturing to scientists in the field. Scientists with a profound background in cellular and gene therapy who intend to initiate clinical applications in the near future can apply for the fellowship until May 31, 2017.

The CARAT training fellowship

The fellowship is tailored towards experienced scientists in the cellular and gene therapy field, who expect to initiate clinical applications in the near future. The 5-day training course will transmit knowhow on GMP-compliant CAR T cell manufacturing, with a focus on practical, regulatory, and scientific matters, to five selected trainees. Objectives of the course include an introduction to cell separation, a hands-on training on T cell transduction using Miltenyi Biotec’s automated CliniMACS Prodigy® Cell Processing Platform, and an active exchange about regulatory requirements including clinical trial design and approval processes. After the course, each CARAT trainee will be prepared to independently perform the automated manufacture of cellular products as well as manage logistical aspects such as GMP compliance and adherence to monitoring guidelines.

Important information for applicants

Applicants from EU Member States and Associated Countries are encouraged to participate and submit their short applications by May 31st, 2017. Submitted applications will be carefully peer-reviewed by the CARAT Steering Committee, considering the scientific background of applicants as well as gender balance and regional aspects. All applicants will be informed about the decision no later than three months after the submission deadline.

More information on the fellowship is provided here.