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Since its foundation in 1989 Miltenyi Biotec has become one of Germany’s most successful biotechnology companies with more than 1,500 employees worldwide. Miltenyi’s multidisciplinary R&D department, consisting of 350 scientists, technicians and engineers, is constantly developing novel reagents and instruments for use in immunology, cell biology and molecular biology. For technical support and overnight delivery of its products, Miltenyi has more than 30 sales offices and distributors in the leading industrial countries.

Magnetic Cell Sorting Technology (MACS®) from Miltenyi has become an established standard method in biomedical research areas like cancer research, hematology, stem cell biology or neurosciences. With MACS Technology, virtually any cell type can be isolated from human and animal cells up to plant cells and bacteria.

For translation of novel clinical approaches such as cellular immunotherapy, transplantation or regenerative medicine, the CliniMACS product portfolio has been designed. The most advanced member of this product line, the CliniMACS Prodigy, enables fully-automated manufacture of cellular products in a GMP-compliant and functionally closed disposable.

Miltenyi is the coordinator of the CARAT project. On the scientific level, Miltenyi’s main contribution to the project will be the CliniMACS Prodigy-based manufacturing platform for CAR T-cells that is developed in WP5. Moreover, we will explore the potential of our latest technological innovations for next-generation cell sorting with the MACSQuant Tyto and for monitoring of CAR T-cell function with MICS (Multidimensional In-Situ Cytometry Survey).

Team members

Photo of Andrew Kaiser
Dr. Andrew Kaiser
WP5 Leader
Photo of Michael Apel
Michael Apel
Deputy Team Leader
WP7/WP8 Leader
Photo of Christian Egler-Wedeking
Christian Egler-Wedeking
Deputy WP7/WP8 Leader

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