ICLE – International Conference on Lymphocyte Engineering 2019

ICLE will take place for the 2nd time in 2019 in London 2019 and welcomes scientists, clinical researchers, start-ups and industry to join the conference and discuss the emerging field of immune-gene Lymphocyte engineering combines gene therapy, cell therapy and immune therapy employing cutting edge technologies of viral and non-viral vectorology, genome editing and protein design as well as advanced clinical protocols for cell harvest, expansion and re-infusion. ICLE 2019 will facilitate the sharing of data and ideas, promote collaborations, and address common challenges to advance clinical translation. It will provide an effective environment for active learning, discussions of real-world case studies and for networking between like-minded peers.

Christian Buchholz from CARAT partner Paul-Ehrlich-Institut has been invited as speaker and will give a talk on “T-cell targeted lentiviral vectors for the generation of CAR T Cells” in the Session “New Horizons in Lymphocyte Engineering” on September 15, 2019.

In addition, a poster of PEI on the topic of “Establishing Novel Receptor-Targeted Lentiviral Vectors for T-Lymphocyte-Directed in vivo Gene Delivery” has been accepted for the conference. Watch out for PEI to talk with them about CARAT.

Registration is open.

More information on the conference is available here.