TrakCel: Core activities within CARAT

TrakCel was founded in 2012 to address the rising demand in the developing Cell Therapy industry for de-risking and simplifying complex cell and gene-based therapies through a unique supply chain orchestration and management platform.

Over the years, TrakCel has grown from two founders to a team of 45 who are all based in Cardiff (UK). Most of these staff members work on product development, in particular on TrakCel’s technology platform COP (cell orchestration platform). This platform has three components: TrakWeb, TrakFlow andTrakPad which, in combination, allow the monitoring of complex supply chains for high value and high risk products. The technology has been tested and used in both clinical and manufacturing environments, tracking the progress of autologous therapies and has been deployed to cell therapy developers. Within CARAT, TrakCel will apply its technology to CAR T-cell therapies for the first time.

TrakCel will provide a pivotal role in the project developing and delivering a technology platform which will facilitate the adoption of CAR T-cell therapies ensuring process standardisation at all parts of the therapeutic supply chain and provide close monitoring and control when starting materials and final therapeutic products are shipped. TrakCel will also simplify the way in which the manufacture processes of these products are documented. In particular, TrakCel will be closely working together with Miltenyi integrating the TrakCel software with Miltenyi’s cell processing equipment, simplifying and introducing a significant portion of automation to the generation of batch documentation which is necessary for the scale-out of cell therapy products. Furthermore, TrakCel’s technology will be applied to a CAR T-cell therapy developed in the project. For this part in the project, TrakCel will be working closely together with treatment centres and manufacturing units to build a process map and to set up details for the complete supply chain, form scheduling a patient’s starting material collection, through to manufacture and the treatment with a CAR T-cell therapy.

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TrakCel Profile

Question & Answers from the TrakCel Team

Kate Fenwick
Head of Project Delivery
The most exciting part of being involved in research projects such as CARAT is the potential to be one of a team that have helped to save the lives of people who are suffering through no fault of their own.
Matthew Lakelin
VP Scientific Affairs
The collaborative and cross functional ethos this Horizon 2020 project engenders will drive advances in CAR-T treatments by bringing together the best minds in Europe which is the most rewarding aspect of the project.
James Patten
Senior Developer
Participation in CARAT will provide an exciting opportunity to engage with leading cell therapy developers, and the chance to be part of a project that will have a profound effect upon the quality of life of cancer patients.
Kyle Pook
Technical Business Analyst
I see cell and gene therapies becoming commercialised with systems such as TrakCel, Miltenyi’s products and courier systems at the heart of their success.