TrakCel Limited

TrakCel was founded in 2012 to meet a need in the developing Cell Therapy industry with a principal goal to de-risk complex cell and gene-based therapies through a unique supply chain orchestration and management platform. TrakCel’s technology platform has four components: TrakWeb, TrakFlow, TrakPad and ColdTrak and in combination allow the monitoring of complex supply chains for high value and high risk products. TrakCel has a multi-national customer base, focusing on key strategic areas in the cell therapy arena including EU, North America, and Japan. The technology has been tested and used in both clinical and manufacturing environments, tracking the progress of autologous therapies and has been deployed to cell therapy contract manufacturing organisations.

TrakCel will provide a pivotal role in Work Package 5, developing and delivering a technology platform which will facilitate the adoption of CAR T-cell therapies by simplifying the way in which the manufacture of these products is documented. Furthermore the technology will instil process standardisation at all parts of the therapeutic supply chain and provide close monitoring and control when starting materials and final therapeutic products are shipped.

Team members

Photo of Matthew Lakelin
Matthew Lakelin
Team Leader
Photo of Ben Keenan
Ben Keenan
Deputy Team Leader
Photo of Kate Fenwick
Kate Fenwick
Deputy Team Leader

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