Stem cell clonality and genome stability retreat

Immediately before the European Society of Gene & Cell Therapy Meeting, the 11th  Stem cell clonality and genome stability retreat will take place in Barcelona, Spain on October 21-22, 2019. The meeting brings together experts in the field of gene transfer and gene therapy clinical applications involved in research with new vectors and alternate cellular targets while translating basic genomic editing discoveries into the clinic.

Our CARAT experts in the field, Christian Buchholz from Paul-Ehrlich-Institut and Toni Cathomen from The Medical Center – University of Freiburg, will be present as speakers.

Toni Cathomen will give his talk on “Lessons Learned from Novel Preclinical Genotox Assays for Genome Editing in HSC” in the Gene Integration and Gene Editing session on Monday afternoon. Christian Buchholz will talk about “Receptor-Targeted Viral Vectors for Cell-Type Specific Gene Delivery” in the Technology session on Tuesday morning.

Registration is still open!

For more information, visit the meetings website.