Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

This year’s Conference on Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) will be held in Valencia, Spain from 27-28 June 2017.

After many years of pioneering activities in cell and gene therapy with some ups and many downs, the field accelerated all of a sudden with a number of major industry and investor activities.

A strong driver for these deals has been the development of CAR-T technology, enabling T-cells to be directed to kill any cells that express a particular antigen. This has proven to achieve long-lasting clinical effects in certain hematologic malignancies, while more development is needed to successfully apply CAR-T cell therapy to solid tumor settings. The attractiveness of the T-cell approach is clearly the potential of having complete and durable responses after a single treatment, with long-living T-cells providing immune surveillance including across the blood brain barrier. It is in this turmoil of industry and investment activity that makes discussing the many challenges involved in the development, testing, production and registration of ATMPs as important and vital as ever.

Watch out for CARAT partners at the meeting!

On Wednesday, June 28, Ian Johnston from CARAT’s coordinator Miltenyi will give a talk on “The Critical Roles of Closed Systems, Automation and Integration in Manufacturing Genetically Modified Cellular Products”.

To find out more about the conference, visit the conference’s website.